Fresh + Lavender Hand & Body Soap

Regular price $6.99 Unquestionably known for it's amazing stain fighting laundry products, Grande Lavendera® is a brand you can trust. Quality household essentials that flow seamlessly in your home. Formulas you can count on, results that will impress. Welcome to Grande Lavendera®.
A luxurious hand soap with an everyday price tag!

Our gentle liquid Hand & Body Soap is powered by a blend of essential oils that are hard working on dirt but gentle on your skin. Our non-irritating formula is designed to keep your skin smooth and hydrated while protecting you from germs.  Fresh + Lavender Hand & Body Soap is sweet, clean and invigorating. This soap will make you look forward to washing your hands and body!

Why it’s awesome:
  • Removes dirt and grime without giving you dry-cracked hands.

  • Leaves skin baby smooth using aloe vera and glycerin.

  • Mild and caressing foam that isn't too over powering.

  • Smells sweet, clean and invigorating! 

    Good to know:
    • Naturally Uplifting Scent
    • Made with Essential Oils
    • Free of Parabens & Phthalates 
    • Certified Kosher 
    • Not Tested on Animals 
    • Recyclable and Biodegradable  
    • Made in the USA



      Grande Lavendera® pays attention. We believe that cleaning products should flow seamlessly and look flawless in your home.

      Our products are tough on grime and gentle on the mind; they are also really - really good looking! You don't have to keep our products under the sink, or in the closet with this beautiful designer label!

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      We're luxurious and affordable!


      Grande Lavendera® manufactures Clean Products that work! Cleaning feels FREE, EASY and ENJOYABLE. All Grande Lavendera® products are MADE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS and smell absolutely fantastic!

      Oh, and we're talking REAL ESSENTIAL OILS! Elevate your cleaning experience with the entire Grande Lavendera® product line and find meaning while doing your everyday chores.

      Cleaning should be easy, fun, and enjoyable.

      Welcome to Grande Lavendera®.