Grande Lavendera® was founded in 2021 by cleaning products expert Harold Diamond and lifestyle expert Max Hirsch. The plan for this duo was simple: create luxurious, clean products that look great and actually work.
Grande Lavendera® is primarily known for its Magic Stain Remover Program, previously known as O2, and as seen on TV. Magic Stain Remover is the best stain remover you'll ever own and there's over 100+ ways to use it.
All of Grande Lavendera's products are made with Solar Energy to preserve mother earth. With Essential Oils and plant derived ingredients, our products are FREE of Parabens, Phthalates and DEA, so you know it's safe to use over and over again.
All of our packaging is recyclable.  
Commitment to American manufacturing, jobs, quality and service.
Formulas you can trust. Results that will impress.
Welcome to Grande Lavendera®.