Magic Stain Remover Pre- Spotter ---------------------> When all else fails, this product comes through!

Regular price $10.99 Unquestionably known for it's amazing stain fighting laundry products, Grande Lavendera® is a brand you can trust. Quality household essentials that flow seamlessly in your home. Formulas you can count on, results that will impress. Welcome to Grande Lavendera®.

    Our Orange and Enzyme Magic Stain Remover Pre-Spotter is powered by a blend of hard working detergents and enzymes that remove the toughest stains like grass, wine, grease and food. With a delicate scent of fresh orange, our Magic Stain Remover Pre-Spotter is an elevated everyday essential that is a must keep for the home. It will take the stains out of anything! Literally anything! WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, MAGIC STAIN REMOVER PRE-SPOTTER COMES THROUGH!

    Why it’s awesome:
    • Removes grass, wine, grease, food, makeup and coffee stains.

    • Uses the power of Orange and Enzymes to remove the toughest stains and rinse them away.

    • Chlorine Free and Color Safe. (Always test for colorfastness first)

    • Works great on all washable fabrics. Cotton, linen, fabric blends, durable synthetics and more.

    • Apply directly to the stain and rub.

    Good to know:
    • Naturally Uplifting Scent
    • Made with Orange and Enzymes
    • Free of Parabens & Phthalates 
    • Removes the toughest stains 
    • Made in the USA
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